Your Audiologist, Dr. Peter Sotiropoulos

Dr. Peter Sotiropoulos has been in the field of hearing since the 1980s. Over the last thirty years, he's seen the field develop extensively — in the technology behind hearing and balance testing, cochlear implants, disposable hearing aids, bone anchored and digital hearing aids, and cognitive hearing science. We have an extensive understanding of electrophysiology, the medical end of auditory processing issues, and now the sophisticated high-end treatment and hearing aid management available to patients. This is an ever-evolving field with so much potential to continue learning. For naturally curious people like Dr. Sotiropoulos and his team, that means it's very exciting day-to-day.

Although Dr. Sotiropoulos has decades of experience in the hearing industry, his academic career began not in audiology but in synthetic organic chemistry. Working in labs made him realize that he craved personal contact and interaction with other people. His entire family is in the restaurant industry, and they are united by the belief that they should do whatever they can to make a customer's day better. Obviously, feeding someone is different from helping them hear or minimizing their risk of falling, but Dr. Sotiropoulos carries on the family tradition of caring for each and every person he sees at the clinic.

He studied at the House Ear Institute and Otologic Medical Group, one of the premiere medical and otologic institutes in the world, where he focused his post-graduate work in medical audiology, cochlear implants, and hearing aid dispensing, both understanding and dispensing them. There, he honed his skillset and focused on the top level of services that could be provided to patients, learning from some of the most educated and expert specialists in audiology. After that, he worked in the top practices in the country specializing in tinnitus, balance and hearing aids. His career has taken him to Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, New York, and now Chicago. He has worked among and learned from some of the brightest minds in the field. And now he brings that vast experience to his own private practice.

Our Philosophy

As part of our holistic approach to treating hearing loss, we look at the whole picture, including both your medical situation and your lifestyle. When we ask you about your symptoms and your life, we listen and we value what you have to say. Each patient who comes to see us becomes a member of our family, and we treat you like an individual. Some hearing aid distributors and audiologists have a factory-like approach, treating patients on an assembly line as quickly as possible. Here, we actually take the time to get to know you.

We create long-lasting relationships with our patients and with their families. What that means for you is that we care about your well-being, we are personally invested in making sure you have the best treatment you possibly can, and we work with you no matter how much your life and your hearing loss may change over the years. Our patients become a part of who we are, allowing us to grow as a practice; many of our new patients are word-of-mouth referrals because our existing patients are so pleased with the level of care we provide, and we take pride in that.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

The initial step is getting a complete picture of your history. We'll ask about your medical history, medical conditions, and what medications you may be taking. The next step is called a needs assessment, which entails looking at what has brought you to our office, what you want to do, and what your expectations are. This includes asking you about tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as any issues with dizziness or balance. By the time we start the hearing tests, we'll have a full understanding of the situation. Then, we use an otoscope to look at your ears to make sure that everything is physically in good condition. We'll also clean out any cerumen (earwax) we see.

The next step is the testing itself. We'll go into the sound room and complete the traditional hearing test, a middle ear assessment, an inner ear assessment, and then a word assessment. That test in particular is very important. We test not only repeating words back to us, but also your word recognition in quiet and noisy situations. If you understand 100% of the words in quiet situations and 20% of them with background noise, that will help us assess your options and work with you to understand what you can expect from hearing treatment.

Sound booth hearing test

Once we know your medical history, understand your needs assessment, and complete the hearing testing, then we can sit down and look at the appropriate options available to you. We may have one recommendation or four or more options. Everything is very personalized based on the information we've just gathered.

Oticon Opn hearing aid

If we feel that hearing aids might be right for you, we'll explain which hearing aids we recommend and why. We keep an enormous array of demo units on hand if patients want to actually listen to what some of the early improvements could be, and we can do that in real time. It won't be an exact replica of what you'll hear with your own hearing aids, but it will give you a sense of what hearing aid amplification is like and what you can expect. This can help you make a decision.

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