What does treating hearing loss with hearing aids say about you?

This article from the Chicago Tribune discusses the benefits of treating hearing loss with hearing aids:

Much is said about the effects of untreated hearing loss on your mind, your general health, your ability to socialize, and your emotional state. Wearing hearing aids does much more than enrich your social life. They actually have a profound effect on your brain, keeping you mentally sharp, lowering your risk of depression, and improving your balance.

If you already wear hearing aids, you already know the benefits they give you. If you wear them occasionally (rarely), or do not use them, here are facts offered by the Hearing Rehabilitation Center that may encourage you to wear hearing aids full-time:

  1. Hearing aids lower your risk of age-related cognitive decline. Several studies have shown that people with hearing loss that do not use hearing aids, or use them in a limited manner, showed significant mental decline compared to people with normal hearing. People with hearing loss that wore hearing aids, performed the same on cognitive tests as people with normal hearing. Therefore, if you want to stay sharp as you age, use hearing aids if needed, and keep wearing them.
  2. Hearing aids can improve memory and mental acuity. After only six weeks of use, hearing aid users could remember things better, they improved their ability to focus better, and showed they were processing mental information faster than before. The improved memory, focus, and faster mental processing also made hearing aid users seem younger to the people they interact with every day.
  3. Hearing aid users report lower levels of depression. People wearing hearing aids report lower levels of depression and showed fewer signs of outward depression, and they showed greater signs of emotional stability. Their families also reported they were less likely to become angry or frustrated. If you have a hearing loss and want more control of your life, a more positive general outlook, if you want to stay positive and happy, then make sure you are wearing hearing aids.
  4. Hearing aids improve balance and may reduce the risk of falling for people over 65. Hearing loss has long been associated with increased risk of falls in older adults. People with hearing loss who wear hearing aids perform better on balance tests and were less likely to fall. Having better balance with hearing aids means a significantly lower chance of major injuries and a lower risk of expensive hospitalizations.

Families of people who have hearing loss and wear hearing aids indicate that a significant side benefit is greater participation in social activities and better relationships with the people they love, thus creating a higher quality of life overall.

If you or a family member have a hearing loss, and you want to experience better brain function, lower the risk of depression and mental decline, and be at lower risk of falling, Audiologist Peter Sotiropoulos encourages you to treat your hearing loss with hearing aids. If you are a go-getter, value your relationships, like to be active, love living life, you want to make the most of what modern life has to offer, then treat your hearing loss.

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